What is CPIT ?
CPIT Edutech Pvt. Ltd. is north India's No. 1 Institute of Computer education in north India. Since 2002, this has been successfully accomplished as CPIT due to our simple & comprehensive course material and Special Training. We have come up with fresh & modern Ideas/thoughts to Impart Quality education to various students who aspire to make it large & big in Professional World.

Locations where CPIT is Presently working
CPIT is presently working in ____ centers in 12 States of India. The names of States where CPIT is working are as under:
1. Haryana
2. Punjab
3. Rajasthan
4. Uttaranchal
5. Himachal Pradesh
6. Jammu & Kashmir
7. Jharkhand
8. Bihar
9. Odisha
10. Uttar Pradesh
11. West Bengal
12. New Delhi

What Does CPIT do ?
CPIT aim to ensure success & enthusiasm among youth not only in their carrier but changing them into better human beings so that they will be able to achieve their objectives & live their life happily & with contentment. As an organization for the people, of the people, by the people, we direct all energy towards one entity "THE CUSTOMER".

From where can I get the Program content & books ?
The program Content & books are provided by CPIt Edutech Pvt. Ltd.( Head Office).

Who Evaluates & Certifies the Programs ?
The Programs shall be evaluated & certified progressively under
a) National Council Vocational Training(NCVT)/MES Co
b) Sector Skills Council (SSC) course By Directorate General of Employment & Training.( DGE & T)

How classes are conducted? What is Procedure regarding Practical as well as theory sessions ?
Classes take place at specially designed CPIT Education Centers. one to one interactions is ensured through CPIT Centers' classrooms ( Webcam, desktop at each workstations connected directly to faculty at Institutes), Interactions in Classrooms & Cooperative ambience are facilitated by a number of Students , & Camera that span full classroom to conduct Group- Discussions.
There will be devoted half time for Theory Session & half time for Practical session & this session plan is prepared by Master Trainer. Qualified Trainers are available to teach regarding Theory as well as practical Subjects.

Any additional benefit or facility provided
In addition to above specially designed classrooms, Our Education centers provide separate rooms for Group Discussions & an area where refreshments are available.

What shall be the Class schedule & Timings ?
The class schedule & timings vary from course to course duration. To expedite the Program completion, students are required to maintain minimum attendance as well.

What is Study or Distribution Kit ?
Student kit also varies as per projects. This kit includes a hand bag, text books & other study material.

When will I get Certificate ?
Certificate will be awarded after successful completion of Training & Joining of Placement.

If there are any Advantages to organizations which nominates Students.
Organizations are awarded with many Monetary Benefits & they establish linkage with many reputed & Experienced Organizations.

If there is Any Payment Plans offered
Payment Plans also differs from Project to Project.