Why CPIT ?

CPIT commenced its education & training Business in 2001 & trained more than 50000 students in our country "India. "It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified & its mission is to provide quality training to students who are scattered all over the country with its diff. courses.CPIT nourshies human values & dignity & stress upon participative approach.CPIT provides free computer education to orphans & destitute.CPIT's main objective is to spread literacy to be continuously engaged in welfare of neglected class of people especially to children and youth.

At CPIT, we believe that learning should not be confined to increasing range & depth of technology Knowledge alone.Essential personality & behavioural skills holds equal importance for developing through professionalism. PIT focuses on 3Es' EMPLOYMENT, EMPLOYBILITY & EDUCATION.

CPIT diploma/certificates are recognized & targeted framework to validate the core technical, Professional & architectural skills. At CPIT, we believe that our responsibilities go beyond training. Our vision, mission & goal is to train the youth as well illetrate to get quality education & training, so that they can sustain their lives. We have left no stone ignored to build an organization that stays true to its objectives & services to provide the best possible serves to its customers.We have been shaping our activities around the fulfillment of the ever changing market needs.
Our efficient leadership ensures the unity of purpose & direction & our Associates resolute dedicating their efforts towards achieving the objectives that we've set for our services.

We at CPIT aim to ensure success & enthusiasm among youth not only in their carrier but changing them into better human beings so that they will be able to achieve their objectives & live their life happily & with contentment. As an organization for the people, of the people, by the people, we direct all energy towards one entity "THE CUSTOMER."

We believe on one saying "NONE OF US HAVE POWER TO CHANGE OUR YESTERDAY,BUT ALL OF US HAS ABILITY TO CHANGE OUR TOMORROW" & We very well try to bring this change in a positive way for empowering a new generation. CPIT EDUTECH PVT. LTD. with decade of experience in curriculum design identifies professional life skills relevant for different job roles and builds them into its courses. CPIT EDUTECH PVT. LTD. is uniquely positioned to collaborate with you in creating a viable action plan for employment generation through a well established and well tested training engine.